Action Alert - May 3, 2011


VFW Action Alert

May 3, 2011

Urge Congress to Say No to TRICARE Fees 

1. Background: The House Armed Services Committee will be considering legislation tomorrow that could block the TRICARE fee increases that have been proposed under the Department of Defense (DOD) FY 2012 budget. The DOD plan is to tie future rates increases to an index the government uses to measure health care inflation.

VFW opposes any increases in TRICARE fees. Asking the government to provide health care for those who gave up 20 or more years to fight for our nation is a cost they should be more than willing to bear. Budget cuts should not be borne on the backs of our military retirees.

Congress must block any and all TRICARE fee increases and instead look for savings by eliminating inefficiencies within the TRICARE program. :

2. Action Needed: We urge you to call your Legislators immediately and ask them to support legislation that blocks DOD's authority to increase TRICARE fees -- those who have fought for our country deserve no less. Let them know we expect any fee increase to be dead on arrival!

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