VFW National Security & Foreign Affairs

Washington Office Weekly Update

3 Mar 06



Border Security vs Guest Worker Program:  House and Senate members see the need to tighten border security and overhaul U.S. immigration laws to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.  The Senate has started tackling the issues of border security and the guest worker program.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to draft a single piece of legislation that will address both issues.  The House already passed legislation to strengthen border security without addressing the guest worker issue.  These differences will not only stir the debate in the Senate but between both chambers as well.  The VFW stands firm that our border security needs to be enhanced and the problem of illegal immigration, including the 10 million plus illegal aliens already in the U.S., needs to be addressed.


Reserve Component Mobilization: The total number currently on active duty in support of the partial mobilization for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 99,857; Navy Reserve 5,279; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve 7,573; Marine Corps Reserve 7,004; and the Coast Guard Reserve 412. This brings the total number of activated Guard and Reserve personnel to 120,125, a decrease of 6,369 from last week.




Michael H. Wysong, Director

National Security and Foreign Affairs

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.