VFW National Security & Foreign Affairs

Washington Office Weekly Update

18 Nov 05



v     War Death Status                  Iraq (OIF) – 2,083             Afghanistan (OEF) – 249


v     Military Recruiting Goals: Five of the military’s 10 active duty, Reserve and National Guard components failed to meet their recruiting goals for fiscal year 2005, which ended Sept. 30.  The active Army recruited 92%, or 80,000 soldiers short of its goal, Navy Reserve – 88%, Air National Guard – 86%, Army Reserve – 84%, and Army National Guard – 80%.  It was the third year in a row the Army National Guard, which historically receives its new members from the active forces, failed to meet its recruiting goal, and the second consecutive year for the Air National Guard.


v     Reserve Component Mobilization: The total number currently on active duty in support of the partial mobilization for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 127,149; Navy Reserve – 4,213; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve – 9,091; Marine Corps Reserve – 7,709; and the Coast Guard Reserve – 455. This brings the total number of activated Guard and Reserve personnel to 148,617, an increase of 2,780 over last week.


v      MIA Recovery: The remains of Air Force Capt. Eugene D. Hamilton of Alabama, who was declared MIA on January 31, 1966, have been returned to his family for burial.  There are currently 1,814 Americans listed by the Defense Department as missing and unaccounted-for from the Vietnam War: 1,380 in Vietnam, 372 in Laos, 55 in Cambodia, and 7 in the territorial waters of the Peoples’ Republic of China.




Michael H. Wysong, Director

National Security and Foreign Affairs

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.