VFW National Security & Foreign Affairs

Washington Office Weekly Update

10 Nov 05



v     War Death Status                  Iraq (OIF) – 2,052             Afghanistan (OEF) – 249


v     Reserve Component Mobilization:  Total number currently on active duty in support of the partial mobilization for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 123,991; Naval Reserve – 4,353; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve – 9,059; Marine Corps Reserve – 7,954; and the Coast Guard Reserve - 480.  This brings the total National Guard and Reserve personnel, who have been mobilized, to 145,837.  A decrease of 292 since last week.


v     The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) announced that the remains of U.S. Army Air Forces Second Lieutenant Augustus J. Allen, Myrtle Springs, TX, Staff Sergeant James D. Cartwright, Los Angeles, CA, and Corporal Paul R. Stubbs, Haverhill, MA missing in action since 1941, were identified and returned to their family for burial.


v     DoD is looking to cut it’s FY2007 budget request by up to $15 billion.  They originally planned to seek a 5.7 percent increase in spending over the FY2006 request, but are now eyeing only a 2 percent boost.  All military services will absorb these spending cuts most likely by curtailing or killing some major hardware programs.  These cuts are being prompted by the mounting costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, higher-than-expected fuel costs, and the concern that Congress will be unwilling to approve more massive supplemental funding.


v     VFW Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Gary Kurpius and the Director of National Security & Foreign Affairs Mike Wysong recently returned from a 12-day European fact finding trip.  They visited England, Germany and Kosovo where they met with American military service personnel and received command briefings on various missions.  The thrust of the trip was to thank the troops for their service, listen to their concerns, and ascertain how the VFW can better support our men and women in uniform.  The VFW delegation also received in-depth briefings from NATO in Brussels, and honored our fallen WWII comrades by laying a wreath at the Lorraine American Cemetery in France.


v     Last week National Security & Foreign Affairs Director Mike Wysong participated as an invited speaker at the U.S. Worldwide POW/MIA Accounting Efforts Symposium hosted by the Department of Defense in Honolulu, Hawaii.  His presentation to an audience of representatives from Vietnam, Laos, China, India, Israel, Russia, Japan and Korea, gave an overview of the role of Veterans Service Organizations on this issue.  Briefings were presented by individual country participants, the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) and the Central Identification Laboratory. 



Michael H. Wysong, Director

National Security and Foreign Affairs

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.